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Nerdosians, become one of us

Nerdosia is a metaverse, an alternative creation, a place for all Nerdosians. A Nerdosian has a broad meaning. To put it simply Nerdosians are living on a planet called Nerdosia Each member of the community can become Nerdosians as well.

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Meet the Nerdosians

Below you can the information list of all Nerdosians, we encourage you to become familiar with the content and meet all Nerdosians:

How to select/change a Nerdosian?

As a new member of the Nerdosian community, you will be able to choose your desired Nerdosian.

The products and functionalities on the website are interconnected with the Nerdosia characters. Personal traits of the characters are not only correlated with particular products but also visualize the influence of a certain trait on the ecosystem of Nerdosia.

Can I develop my character

With each rank comes a great responsibility that is rewarded at every stage of the journey. Breaking the rules will downgrade your current rank, or even banish you from this wonderful place. Check our Nerdopedia to learn about paths of development inside the Nerdosia ecosystem.

The Great Nerd distinguished four stages:

  • Baby Nerd
  • Nerd Mastah
  • Nerdilla
  • Nerdminator

On the customer profile, you can follow the progress of your development. Make sure to contribute to the community action and develop your characters.