Revealing more information about the products

Hyped enough? Dear Nerdosians, we decided to leak some information about the package. Here are two components of the box

A cardboard box by itself

The box presents the Nerdosian Community. Yellow Nerd lenses symbolize belonging to the Nerdosia Community. What’s your opinion about the box? Is it rubbish or goodie design?

What else? A filling the utility-based item added to every box

The filling is the utility component in every package from Nerdosia. The filling comprises two parts; the first one is related to the current affairs on Nerdosia – What happened in Nerdosia. The second, which is interactive, is called Nerdosia Worksheet. The Nerdosia Worksheet is driven by the community-based business model. It is where the interaction with You plays a crucial part.

  • I like the Nerdosia Creation
  • Good but not sufficient to build the Nerd Community
  • I prefer simplicity, it’s too complicated

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