Nerdosia Citizen

What is Nerdosia Citizen

A Nerdosia Citizen program is a monthly or annual subscription, which allows Nerdosians to become a Nerdosia citizen and benefit from the plan.

The program was based on plans such as Amazon Prime and Allegro Smart. The superiorities inside the plan were designed based on customer preferences and market trends to revitalize the approach to various subscriptions and deliver a product that meets the expectation of the community members. The Nerdosia plan can be purchased on the Citizen page

or alternatively at the summary page when purchasing other products.

Citizen deal

What do I get in return?

The citizen plan comprises of:

Extra item from Nerdosia: you will receive an extra item upon every order.

Access to Citizen deals: juice powered offered by Nerdosians, offers that are uniquely accessible only by the Nerdosia Citizens

Monthly giveaways: mainly but not limited to Nerd Boxes, items from the secondary market, prepaid cards, limited collectables

Citizenship belonging: citizen rank, citizenship certificate and label on a Discord channel

Being a part of the Nerdosia committee: allowing you to decide about Nerdosia’s current affairs and concerns, new Nerdosians, new product and features, and finally business direction of Nerd Hunters.

How to manage the subscription

If you purchase a Nerdosia citizen, you can cancel the subscription anytime.

If you decide to cancel the subscription, you must click the cancel subscription button, and swipe the button to the right. Before you decide, the pop up will inform you about two options:

  • Keep Nerdosian subscription
  • Cancel Nerdosian subscription

Be aware that your choice is limited by date. If you cancel the subscription after you’ve been charged your subscription will be active for another month or year (depending on the plan you’ve chosen).