Nerd Box, a new alternative on the market

What is Nerd Box?

Nerd Box is a package designed, created, or selected by Nerdosians. It is often defined as a package with gaming, nerd, and pop culture-related merchandise. Nerd boxes are often customized on behalf and of the final customer. Nerd boxes, depending on the type can be purchased as one-off boxes (delivered immediately), pre-payments, or subscriptions (delivered upon specified shipping cycles, for instance, on a monthly or quarterly basis).

Even though the product can be perceived as the target for the niche of customers (gamers, geeks, and nerds), we decided to change the product attributes to address the product to a broader segment of customers.

The product attributes have been revitalized while the product by itself was streamlined and adjusted to market standards. The boxes have been created based on common attributes of a target customer, where the community members had been looking for a custom-made solution where the product could meet the common attributes of the group.

Type of Nerd Boxes

In the current product portfolio, we distinguish the following Nerd boxes:

More information about returns

If you want to check if your Nerd Box qualifies for a return, please go to returns.

More information about guarantees?

Here you check if your Nerd Box qualifies for guarantee or warranty.


An invoice will be delivered to your email address. Alternatively, you will be able to download the invoice from the Stripe’s customer portal.

How to add an extra product to your Nerd Box

For every purchase on Nerdosia you are eligible to receive Nerdians. We prepared a functionality allowing you to spend Nerdians and receive the extra product. You can do that by taking advantage of the following functionalities;

  • Nerds’ trade– functionality allowing you to trade Nerdians for a small, medium, or big item. This product will be added to your package.

  • Nerds’ wheel– functionality allowing you to change Nerdians and take part in the lottery to receive a small, medium, or big item. This product will be added to your package.