Nerd Box, why it's so different?

What is Nerd Box

Nerd Box is a package designed by Nerdosians. It is often defined as a package with gaming, nerd, and pop-culture related merchandise. Nerd boxes are often customized on behalf of the customer. Nerd boxes can be purchased as prepayments or subscriptions. Nerd boxes include tangible (material) goods.

Types of Nerd Boxes

We can distinguish the following Physical Nerd Boxes:

  • Nerd Board Games
  • Nerd Figurines
  • Nerd Gaming
  • Nerd Pack

Why Nerd box is a unique box?

Nerd box is a unique product. In other words, why should you choose the Nerd box over other competitors’ products?

Variety of choice: Nerd box is connected with the other product called Virtual Nerd Box. Virtual Nerd Box’s content is inspired by Nerdopolis.

Two different positioning on the market: Both types of boxes distinguish regular and deluxe (premium) editions of the box.
Flexibility of the product: The price of the Nerd boxes mentioned above is unified for all topics. The customer is not tied to a particular topic, and the customer can change the type of the Nerd box during or in each subsequent month.

Manage anytime: Moreover, the customer can manage the product by skipping or pausing the Nerd monthly topic if the topic(s) doesn’t meet the customer’s interests.

More information about returns

If you want to check if your Nerd Box qualifies for a return, please go to returns.

More information about guarantees?

Here you check if your Nerd Box qualifies for guarantee or warranty.


An invoice will be delivered to your email address. Alternatively, you will be able to download the invoice from the Stripe’s customer portal.

How to add the extra product to Nerd Box

For every purchase on Nerdosia you are eligible to receive Nerdians. We prepared a functionality allowing you to spend Nerdians and receive the extra product. You can do that by taking advantage of the following functionalities;

  • Nerds’ trade– functionality allowing you to trade Nerdians for a small, medium, or big item. This product will be added to your package.

  • Nerds’ wheel– functionality allowing you to change Nerdians and take part in the lottery to receive a small, medium, or big item. This product will be added to your package.

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