Living like a true Nerdosian - Prologue

Living like a True Nerdosian - Prologue

With caution, she lifts the lid from the box and sets it aside. She observes a pair of what seems at first an ordinary pair of sunglasses staring back at her. They were folded, but placed in a manner where the lenses are facing upward.

What is it all about? The girl and lenses

For a moment, the girl looks at these glasses with disinterest. She thought about putting the lid back on the box and setting it aside, but then something happened that made her arch an eyebrow.

The glasses began to sparkle with a yellowish glow!

With curiosity getting the best of her, she reaches for the glasses and then puts them on.

First impression on Nerdosia

Instantly, she finds herself emerging from the black and white world she was previously in to one of brilliant color! Drifting through a landscape as if she’s a bird with wings, she’s taking in the scenery of a world she has never seen before!

Taking it all in, for the first time there was a wave of excitement that flowed through the girl. But, at the same time there were many questions that started to come up. What is this place? Is this real?

Feeling the urge to land, but not sure how to go about it, the girl tries to focus on the ground. As she got closer to it, she could see something she could best describe as a fairy-like woman wave her down to get her attention. In brilliant yellow, the name Marita is circling around her, following a wand that seemed to serve as it’s guide.

When the girl finally landed she closer approached the woman who then used that same wand to poke into the ground. The moment she did this, a hole opened up. Upon looking into the hole, the girl observes a long pipe structure.

Without hesitation, the girl jumps into the pipe. There were no questions asked, despite not knowing what she was getting herself into.

Inside the pipe, exploring Nerdosia

Feeling like she’s on a waterslide, the girl continues her descent. It was fast and it was fun! The blitz of so many colors was all she could see and it was awesome! Despite not knowing what more she was going to discover along the way, the girl couldn’t help but get caught up in the moment! This felt like a once in a lifetime experience!

The further along this pipe the girl travels, the more she sees. Now seeing structured areas, looking like districts, there’s an attempt to put greater focus on them.

Nerdopolis, Meet Galileo

As if in response to the girl’s wishes, her pipe ride seems to slow down and she gets a better look at the first district.

It was unlike anything she saw before! Upon catching the title Nerdopolis, what she sees is a futuristic-looking world. This world, or region, had interesting versions of billboards. The only way she could really wrap her head around what she saw were virtual reality posters.

The one had the Nerdopolis sign, which had her conclude she was in Nerdopolis. The second said Nerd Aisle. Right next to it was a pod-shaped structure that had some important-looking man working on what looked like a computer panel. He wore a strange headset that seemed to emit a holographic image from it. She observes a name written on the side of the headset saying Galileo.

Coming from the holographic image was merely a question that appeared as if cloud-shaped. “It’s time for your inauguration, Mr. President.”

No sooner did the girl pass Galileo and Nerd Aisle, she observed how magnificent the cityscape of Nerdopolis was. Skyscrapers, all of them seemingly impossibly tall, had flying vehicles speeding about in different directions and at different heights.

The excitement on the girl’s face shows she’s having the time of her life! And, when her ride along the pipe begins to pick up speed again, her eyes widen. She even let out an amused squeal of excitement from her mouth!

Physical District, Meet Alyx

As the girl’s travel along this strange pipe begins to slow again, she observes the scenery of this virtual reality district has been replaced with something more solid.

Now, don’t misunderstand! The virtual district the girl just passed through was real enough, but very futuristic. The district she’s now travelling into has a more “today” concept to it.

Like watching a comic strip, the girl sees a man who is watching with intent eyes a series of screens that all looked like stock exchange boards. Changing at a pace hard for the eyes to catch, were digital numbers jumping up and down. Next to those numbers looked like names or titles. This man is doing this as he is crossing the street, travelling from one block full of buildings to another.

She observed the corner building of the block behind the man was a bank. Upon taking a closer look, she sees a woman walking into the bank, holding a deposit envelope that featured the bank’s name, Nerdosia Trust, on it.
For a moment, the girl’s view of the bank and the man walking across the street from the block it’s on is overtaken by a trolley. Inside the trolley is full of passengers. On the side of the trolley is an advertisement of a casino.

And it wasn’t an ordinary ad! This ad wasn’t just some printed poster! It was a motion picture of a casino, loaded with activity, and even the sound of some slot machine going off to indicate it has a winner!

As soon as the visual of the trolley passes, the girl observes the man she approach what looks like a post office. Waiting for him there is someone who is holding a card saying, “President Alyx” on it.
This whole scenery felt like the girl was inside some kind of industrialized city. It even said Industrial City when her speed ride along the pipe slowed down so that everything wasn’t such a blur.

For some strange reason, the girl could feel her excitement reach new levels, especially when it felt like the pipe she was travelling on started to pick up speed again.

Before going back into the blur of color during what feels like hyper-space mode, the girl did briefly catch a glimpse of that casino which was shown on the trolley’s digital ad. The surge of excitement that surged through her seemed to reach its peak when bursting through a wall of confetti as the sound of people cheering to the noise of a slot machine indicated there was a winner.

Retro Village, Meet Bernie

When the blinding speed of the pipe travel slowed yet again, the girl observed a much calmer environment than the two she just went through. The first had a virtual reality excitement to it, like being in the middle of a video game. The second had the physical feeling of being caught up in an industrial world. This one, which felt like stepping into a retro district, gave off a vibe of calm.

It wasn’t boring, but it was calm! Even the sign she saw upon entry, Retro District, can be described as this! Located on each side of the sign were tall trees that seemed to stand like soldiers. On the tops of these trees were giant leaves, all of which displayed a rainbow of colors. It was amazing!

The kicker was seeing how the name, Retro District, was designed. The best part was seeing the “o” in Retro look like an old record from an era the girl knew was before even her time.

One key observation the girl made was the faces she saw in this third district were older than the previous two. The first district had faces that seemed the youngest while the second seemed somewhat older. The one the girl just entered now made it clear she entered the most mature looking district, at least as far as appearances go.
Older looking, yes, and calmer, but no less awesome! It was awesome because it was so different from the other two! The other two had big cities while this one didn’t seem to have any at all. In place of the cities were a string of smaller communities, all of which seemed less rigid.

No skyscrapers here! Instead, there are wigwams, which are dome-shaped structures that are put together by natural resources. Despite the fact that these were put together by whatever the environment provided, they were still bright in color!

The girl could see a brilliant mix of branches, leaves and flowers put together in a manner that deserves the description of genius!

One man the girl notices, going by the name of [Bernie](, is going through a collection of items that looked like antiques. Well, antiques as far as the girl was concerned. And, they certainly looked retro compared to the two previous districts she was in.

This, plus everything else she saw during her pipe ride, had the girl experience a flood of fun emotions she hoped would last forever. All of it was so awesome!

But then…

It’s your choice now, the girl has a symbolic meaning

As the pipe ride has her leaving the Retro District behind, the girl looks down at her feet and observes the brilliance of the yellow is fading. Even behind the girl, as the pipe now begins to pick up speed again, all that yellow begins to have white overtake its shade.

It was like watching the drop of a curtain as that white seems to literally rain down upon the yellow, thus changing the scenery entirely.

The entire planet of Nerdosia is now before the girl and she can feel her heart sink as she watches helplessly an entire planet lose its color as the white takes over. It was like watching a blanket cloud over the entire surface, wrapping around the entire planet like a cocoon.

Seeming to control this blanket from above the planet is a man’s face. Mad Scientist is then spelt out like a ship writing with smoke behind it.

The girl watches this guy named Mad Scientist release from his hands white powder, which seems to be the culprit behind the dulling of the planet’s color.

As the girl continues to watch, her eyes revert back to the planet where she now sees signs belonging to the three districts she just saw. The Virtual District, Physical District and Retro District each have their own sign hovering above what the girl has concluded is their actual locations.

She also observes a symbol, one that seems to hover over and circle the entire planet, which shows a clear indication that it’s Nerdosia.

This is all viewed from the pipe, where the girl is still travelling through. Throughout this entire time, her journey was still going.

And it would continue until she reached what seemed to be at the end of the line. The closer she approaches what feels like the lowest planetary level, the thicker the air within the tube becomes. It actually felt like the girl is breathing in the very powder that mad scientist was pouring onto the planet!

Eyes blurring and head feeling like its swelling, the girl finds herself at great discomfort! At the same time, she observes there are eight bodies standing before her. If it weren’t for the distorted vision brought on by whatever that white powder was doing, the girl would have been able to get a better fix on who and what they are.
And it wasn’t just the distorted vision the girl was experiencing. Her mind felt like it was fighting for control between herself and someone else!

Appearing from the blur is the fairy-like creature that used her wand to send the girl through Nerdosia as she did. It looks like at this point she’s either standing or barely hovering over a section of the Nerdosian planet surface. It was hard to tell because this time what used to be a clear planet had now become somewhat cloudier.

For the girl, she observes she seems to be approaching this section of the planet in the exact same manner as she first saw it. But this time, the fairy-like creature known as Marita, now had the name that circled around her go from a brilliant yellow to one that was struggling to keep its color against the white. It literally looked like the yellow was fighting white powder!

And then suddenly, without warning, darkness!

The girl, still wearing the nerd lens she first found in that box, realized she had her eyes closed at the tail end before the darkness set in. When she opened them again, she removes the nerd lens and goes to put them back into the box where she took the nerd lens from.

Before actually placing the nerd lens back inside, she observes along its arms there’s now a yellowish text stream that reads “Decide if you want to live like a true Nerdosian!”

Decide if you want to live like a true Nerdosian

Funny how the girl didn’t see this before! When she looks up and around the room, all she sees is black and white. How dull!

This prompts her to put the nerd lens back on again. As soon as she does so and looks back at the box and eyeballs its interior, she now sees none other than Marita standing within that box! Next to her is a flag featuring the exact same symbol seen on Nerdosia.

Join the Nerdosia Metaverse.