Galileo – Meet the Nerdosians

Region: Virtual District
Age: 59


  • Programming and Robotics Engineer (and current mayor of Virtual District)

Personality Traits

  • Clever

  • Spontaneous

  • Narcissistic

  • Geek


  • Programming

  • Coding

  • Building Electronics

  • Working with Artificial Intelligence

Personal Items

  • Electronics

  • Virtual Reality Devices

  • Augmented Reality Devices


  • Four nerd cats:
    • Seba (black and white, full grown nerd cat) - Named after one of the earliest ancestors of Nerdosia
    • Ama (black cat with a white tail tip) - Used to be Chancellor Kayotos cat (Mother of Mac and Maz)
    • Mac (black kitten with amber eyes) - Used to be Chancellor Kayotos kitten (Ama is the mother)
    • Maz (black kitten with white whiskers) - Used to be Chancellor Kayotos kitten (Macs sister)

From what Galileo understands, he is what Nerdosians consider a test tube nerd baby. He has no memory of a mother or father, and no siblings. For as long as Galileo can remember, he was raised by a robotic mother who looks and feels like any other nerd but is actually one of the most sophisticated examples of artificial intelligence at its finest.

Everything about Galileo is no different other than most other nerds on Nerdosia, especially among the Virtual District. Galileo learned at a very young age from the Great Nerd, Kayoto, a technology that can develop new nerds became a necessity due to some strange virus that struck the citizens of Virtual District almost 600 years ago.

Through the blending of organic biochemicals, genetically modified chemicals, and robotics that have been designed with artificial intelligence, this is how new nerds can be formed through a device known as the Nerd Aisle, which is located at GG Academy. This is what sums up Galileos genetic makeup. Because of this, Galileo has always been remarkably adept when it comes to understanding robotics work and why hes so fascinated with codes, programming and building electronics that feature artificial intelligence.

There is one fateful day in Galileos young life, just as he was graduating from nerd baby to nerd mastah, the AI that raised him began to malfunction in a manner where he knew it needed to be shut down. This wasnt easy to do, but when he noticed he needed Kayotos help to do it, he contacts him and the two work together to take the AI down.

This prompted all AIs within the Virtual District be brought to Nerdosias Security Network and to both Kayoto and Galileo. Kayoto knew Galileo had a unique ability to see problems with AIs long before any other nerd can, which helped identify which AIs were infected like his was and which ones were still okay. As it turned out, all of the AIs were struck with some inexplicable virus where each of them had to be destroyed.

After losing his AI, Galileo went into depression for about a year until he encountered a small, starving nerd kitten curled up in front of his door as he was returning home from the University. He took the kitten in and nursed her back to health. He named her Seba, after an ancient nerd whom Kayoto often regarded as his mentor before she and the other nerd elders mysteriously disappeared.

Being raised by a mother that tries to act like a normal nerd but is clearly not organic enough to do it, Galileo was raised to think more like a robot. The advantages of artificial intelligence gives him the advantage to come across as more clever compared to most other nerds, but it also has made him somewhat narcissistic as nobody really taught him the importance of humility. It wasnt until he met Bernie at the University hed learn this lesson. Up until that day, Galileo used to look down on any nerd that didnt come from the Virtual District, especially if they came from the Retro District, like Bernie. Most nerds from the Virtual District, who enjoy the life of playing and working with virtual reality and its technological influence, usually have a tough time relating to nerds from the other two districts. Until meeting Bernie, Galileo used to have this problem too.

However, Galileo does love living in the moment where he can enjoy as much as he can out of it. Taking the time to worry about others isn’t his thing. Because he lives for the moment, Galileo is as spontaneous as it gets. One minute he seems like he’s going to just relax and enjoy an augmented reality game of Crosscode when suddenly he decides he wants to go for a walk around the Virtual District instead. Sometimes, he’ll do both at the same time.

Galileo also highly treasures his nerd cat, Seba. After going into depression from losing his AI that was like a mother to him, Seba came into the nerds life that triggered him to stop feeling sorry for himself and move on. He did this by nursing a nearly dead nerd cat back to health. Since then, Seba’s fierce loyalty to Galileo is as strong as Galileos love for his cat.

Kayoto, seeing a whole new side to Galileo, suggested to the Virtual District community to choose him as their next mayor as their current one was wanting to retire. There was no argument as citizens of Nerdopolis, the main city of Virtual District, felt no other nerd was as capable as Galileo. A giddy Galileo was more than happy to become mayor, agreeing with them he really is the best nerd for the job.

Shortly after becoming mayor, the Great Cloud Disaster overtook Nerdosia and forced everyone to go back to underground living. As if Galileo predicted the disaster, when the time came to escape the planetary surface, he already had disaster proof escape routes in place, as well as an invisible dome where all it took was a single command to protect anything that sat directly underneath the planets surface was kept safe. Not only did Galileo have this installed with the Virtual District, but convinced the mayors of the Physical District and Retro District to do the same.

Again, Kayoto took special interest in Galileo when he trusted his three nerd cats, Ama, Mac, and Maz to him not long after the Great Cloud Disaster took place. At first, Galileo thought Kayoto was crazy as he wasn’t sure Seba would like the idea of sharing her territory with other nerd cats. Usually, adult nerd cats who meet each other for the first time will fight. While Mac and Maz are just kittens, Ama was an adult just like Seba.

Not only did the nerd cats get along, but performed in a manner that had Galileo make the same observation Kayoto previously did. Unlike the nerds of Nerdosia who lost most of their eyesight, the opposite has happened with the population of nerd cats.

Nerds who dont know Galileo very well regard him as a selfish geek who uses his position as mayor to get what he wants. He spends a great deal of his time playing with gadgets as he always feel there’s room for improvement, especially when it comes to augmented reality and virtual reality.

Because of what happened to his AI, Galileo has made a career out of working with artificial intelligence and robotics. He is currently working on a new generation of AI models where he has two prototypes hes personally built from scratch. The more feminine looking robotic is named Gal while the more masculine looking robotic is named Leo. Critics of Galileos work, especially naming the two prototypes like he has sees him flaunting his narcissism while fans of Galileos work sees nothing but potential, including Kayoto.

Aside from Bernie from the Retro District, Alyx from the Physical District, and Kayoto of the University, Galileo prefers to spend more time with his cats and his two main AIs, Gal and Leo, than with other nerds. Unless he has Gal and Leo working on something at his Nerdopolis Robotics and Engineering lab, they go wherever he goes whenever he is in the common areas such as Amusement Park, GG Academy, and University. What most nerds don’t realize is Galileo is the ultimate example of a workaholic. His work goes everywhere he goes, even when he’s spending time with his nerd cats.

Galileo is the youngest mayor in Nerdosian history. He hasn’t been at the role for very long, but takes his role governing the Virtual District very seriously. Combine this with his workaholic tendencies, and Nerdopolis sees a mayor that is always hands on. Instead of allowing artificial intelligence to have full control over everything, Galileo has programmed each of them with codes only he and Kayoto have access to that can shut them down in a moment’s notice should any of them malfunction even in the slightest.

Galileo’s experience with his own AI while still in his youth still bears its mark where he can’t fully trust them, even though he’s sort of one of them himself.

As a politician, this is what makes Galileo so unique. There is not a task that’s beneath him, which is a part of that selfish trait he carries with him like a chip on his shoulder. A part of him believes nobody can do a job as well as he can, not even his prized AI creations, Gal and Leo.

Galileo was among the few nerds from the Virtual District that was on the planetary surface of Nerdosia when the Great Cloud Disaster happened. Those with him noticed just before the big explosion happened that changed everything he was already urgently telling the nerds who were surveying the ground to hurry up and get back inside. Most listened while a few did not. Of the few who ignored him, Galileo threatened if they don’t get back to the underground by the time he counts to ten he will have them exiled. Before they had a chance to argue, a huge explosion that resulted in the world shaking and become completely covered in odd white dust, happened.

Every single nerd on the surface collapsed to the ground with an extreme headache. Galileo also fell, but did not have the headache. He did, however, lose most of his eyesight like the rest did. When he could hear the nerds still on the surface begin to panic, he uses the virtual reality headset he had them wear to send each a message. Follow the trail.

As soon as he said that, a bright red trail appears, leading to an entrance that takes nerds still on the surface of Nerdosia straight to it. While normal eyesight can’t see a thing, virtual reality is something different entirely. These nerds trusted him enough to follow the trail and reach the underground. As soon as Galileo knew all his nerds were no longer on the surface, he enters the underground city of Nerdopolis and utters the command Gal, Leo, execute Triple D.

Upon command, the two AIs under Galileos direct command transfigure themselves into a series of tiny, ball-shaped drones that quickly scattered their way out of Nerdopolis and straight for any opening they could find that would take them to the planetary surface. The whole process took less than two seconds.

Once on the surface, the little tiny balls blew apart as coming into contact with the white powdery cloud caused an explosive reaction. By the time every single little ball finished exploding, what used to be a thick white cloud now became a dark grey cloud before mostly dissolving into obscurity.

Still unknown to the majority of the Nerdosian population, Galileo sacrificed his two prized AIs, Gal and Leo, to add an invisible dome of protection over the entire Virtual District as an effort to minimize the impact of whatever it was the Great Cloud Disaster was supposed to do.

All the nerds really do know is Galileo somehow made the disaster seem less dramatic as it could have been. Because of this, all of Nerdopolis regards him as a hero. This even includes the handful of nerds who didn’t listen to him at first when he ordered them underground. They feared he would fire them as Galileo has little patience for nerd who don’t listen to him. Instead of firing them, Galileo assigned them to help him and Kayotos team to develop a device that would soon become the Nerd Lens. When asked why he did this, he explained workaholics like him are less likely to give up on a task of great importance and more likely to listen to him after understanding there’s more to him than a self-absorbed egomaniac. After the Nerd Lens was created and distributed to each nerd throughout Nerdosia, he assigned these same twelve nerds to form with him the Nerdopolis Council where they work together to govern all of the Virtual District as equals who answer to only Galileo and Kayoto.