Alyx – Meet the Nerdosians

Region: Physical
District Age: 327


  • Stockbroker @ Nerdosian Market (current mayor of Physical District)

Personal Traits:

  • Optimistic, Courageous, Creative

Personal Items:

  • Library of flash drives, Video Games, Costumes


  • Video gaming, Stock trading, Gambling, Auctioneering


  • none

Alyx grew up with all the finest luxuries a nerd can hope for, living in a big home with a big family of nerds who literally ran all of Industrial City. Despite their positions of power and position, this family of nerds kept a low profile. For as long as Alyx can remember, the Nerdosia News Network has repeatedly tried to expose skeletons from the family’s closet and has come up empty each time.

At least until Alyx reached the stage of nerd mastah. Once there, he rebelled against his family as he wanted to be his own nerd instead of living up to their expectations of him. This often got him into trouble with the Nerdosia Security Network, but he was never arrested for anything as he did not break any rules serious enough that would have his account frozen, nor get himself exiled from the Physical District.

Although Alyx rebelled often against his family of nerds, he never disrespected them. He simply didn’t want to work for them as he wanted to do his own thing. Alyx comes from a long line of career politicians and industrialists who prefer to put the currency known as nerdians before the needs of each nerd. At least this is how it looked to Alyx.

He also found them too serious as Alyx was often grounded as a baby nerd for spending too much time on gaming and not enough on family business interests. Once Alyx reached the stage of nerdminator, he was in a position to directly challenge for the role of mayor when the time came for Industrial City and the rest of the Physical District to take part in an election process that runs every five years. This challenge meant the much younger Alyx attempting to dethrone the nerd father who raised him as mayor. When he tried the first time he failed, but somehow knew something about the election result wasn’t right. Already being an overachieving nerd who loves numbers and can read the pattern of a video game as clearly as a nerd looking at a mirror, Alyx used the loss as incentive to improve his skills.

Alyx is an eternal optimist who even believes losing also means winning. While the desired result may not always come about, the nerd will take the experience and play it over in his mind the exact same way he plays a video game. This is what has also made him one of the most successful stockbrokers Industrial City of the Physical District has ever seen. While the rest in his field follow numbers as they happen, Alyx is at least two steps ahead and can see trends long before they happen. His rivals hate him for it, but respect him at the same time.

This also includes his family. While it is public knowledge most of his family won’t have anything to do with Alyx, there are family friends who favor him over them. Unlike his nerd relatives who mostly live in seclusion, Alyx is out in the open and always the center of attention. Nerds flock to him, loving how courageous he is to stand up for the little nerd and always doing so with a smile.

In addition to excelling as a stockbroker, Alyx loves to compete in video game competitions. He also loves to gamble and is good at it. The higher the stakes, the better. In fact, one big gamble he took was creating his own stockbroking firm, Nerdosian Market. Doing this meant once again challenging his family, who owns and runs Industrial City Stock Exchangers (ICSE). In less than a year, Alyx used his talent as an ace stockbroker to outbid ICSE enough where he usedhis own company to buy it out.

When Alyx did this, his family feared the worst. They were afraid he would bankrupt each of them and render them homeless. However, he didn’t do this. All he wanted from them was a public apology made on the Nerdosia News Network for turning their back on him simply because he engaged in what he considered as friendly competition when he first ran for mayor. This was a condition he made if they wanted to keep the family fortune.

Half of his related nerds agreed while the other half didn’t. Of those who didn’t, Alyx exposed them publicly on the Nerdosia News Network of all the wrongdoing he was able to proof with undisputed evidence. Not only did this result in their accounts being frozen, but permanent exile from Industrial City and the Physical District. Those nerds are now doing community service while residing in correctional facilities of the Nerdosian Security Network.

Of the family of nerds related to Alyx who did agree to apologize on the Nerdosia News Network, Alyx left alone, but demanded ten percent of the family fortune go towards the nerds who are struggling just to make ends meet. They did this without hesitation. Some of them evencontinue giving back, always donating ten percent of whatever they earn into a trust fund Alyx set up to make sure no nerd within the Physical District ever goes homeless or hungry again.

Among the nerd relatives whom Alyx exposed on the Nerdosia News Network was the same mayor whom he first challenged and lost to. It wasn’t easy for Alyx to turn in his own father, buthe did what he knew was right by putting the nerds first and treat the nerdian currency as an afterthought.

Not one nerd throughout the Physical District disagreed with what Alyx did as they knew he cared enough to take on challenges no other nerd would dare try. Knowing Alyx puts the good of nerds first, the population cornered the elections committee to indict Alyx as mayor of Physical District and keep him there until he decides he doesn’t want the job anymore.

Alyx loves numbers almost as much as he loves nerds. The only reason why he loves numbers is because he knows how to work with them to win at everything. As a stockbroker, he is unmatched as no other nerd can read numeric patterns like he can. Not only can Alyx understand everything analytical and digital, but when he has access to a virtual reality headset, or even the Nerd Lens, he can also read virtual.

Alyx treats the nerd stock exchange market like a video game, which he excels at. He would also choose gambling as a professional career, but no nerd wants to bet against him. Alyx never loses a game.
When the Great Cloud Disaster took place, Alyx treated the incident like a professional gamer. As soon as he learned the nerd bats were able to see instead of staying blind, he knew they were key to a much needed breakthrough to help his fellow nerds see again.

And he wasn’t the only one. The Great Cloud Disaster pushed forward a group known as Nerdosia Idea, otherwise known as Think Tank, where the best minds among the nerd population met together to solve problems with solutions. Alyx was the first to discover nerd bats could now see and brought this to the Great Nerd Kayoto’s attention.

It didn’t take long before the Nerd Lens was created, which features the DNA of the nerd bats and the use of virtual technology that Galileo of the Virtual District came up with. When asked about the bats, Alyx makes it clear they were not harmed as their full genetic makeup was cloned into synthetic copies where testing could proceed without committing any acts of animal cruelty.

Once the Nerd Lens was developed, Alyx used his Nerdosian Market company to work with the industrialists within Industrial City to mass produce the Nerd Lens for immediate distribution to every single nerd, regardless of what district they live in.

Alyx refused to make nerdians off the Nerd Lens as he sees this as a necessity, not a luxury. He did, however, create a video game that’s been programmed into the Nerd Lens as an option for nerds to play, for a price. The nerdians raised by nerds who pay to play Alyx uses toward the continued development and improvement of the Nerd Lens.

Since taking over as mayor of the Physical District, Alyx performs every single political activity from Industrial City. It is the major hub of all activity as the district is mostly built as a city. What used to be smaller towns has been gobbled up by Industrial City and are now sub-districts. Of the family of nerds that think and act the same as Alyx, they run all business and political affairs with him.

Alyx is very proud of Industrial City and of the accomplishments of every nerd who calls it home. As soon as he learns of a mistreated nerd he will make it right. Not only does he look out for the nerds as their mayor, but he also makes sure there are no homeless animals either. While he doesn’t have pets he calls his own, he has a series of sanctuaries set up where animals such as nerd bats, nerd cats, and nerd hounds can safely come and go without worry.

As edicts he takes very seriously, Alyx has strict laws in place throughout the Physical District where animals are treated as equals to nerds. They are not to be abused, nor hunted, nor mistreated in any way. As soon as he learns a nerd fails to respect an animal, that nerd is immediately banned from the district for life.

Alyx was walking outside, looking to meet with his date so they could share a nice dinner together at one of
Industrial City’s finest restaurants. The sky was clear making it easy for Alyx to see life everywhere as he’s
known for taking in as much visual as he can everywhere he goes. When the Great Cloud Disaster first
erupted with its cataclysmic explosion, Alyx first thought something happened at one of the city’s factories.

When the thick cloud descended so suddenly, which also came with a funny white powder, all Alyx
remembers was hitting the ground and watching anything that flew in the sky drop into flower beds and
whatever else they fell into or onto. For Alyx, the experience was extremely painful as his head felt like it
was going to explode. He often talks about a high pitch ringing in the ears that gave him the worst
headache he’s ever known.

Still to this day, Alyx constantly hears the high pitch ringing in his ears. It never goes away, but Alyx has
learned to deal with it. Not a single scientist can figure out why, not even Kayoto. Even Nerdosia Idea’s
think tank are able to come up with an explanation that makes sense. For Alyx, instead of dwelling on a
problem he’s learned to live with, he’d rather focus on the needs of all nerds.

Even before the Great Cloud Disaster, Alyx cared a great deal for his fellow nerds of Physical District. He
also cared about the nerds from the Retro District and Virtual District, even though he’s not their mayor.
Because of how his personality is, Alyx is close to Bernie, mayor of the Retro District and Galileo, mayor of
the Virtual District. Bernie’s gregarious nature rubs off on Alyx as does Galileo’s workaholic tendencies.
Ever since the Great Cloud Disaster, these three mayors work even closer with each other than ever

Alyx has also become closer to Enaid, the main reporter of the Nerdosia News Network. It is because of
Alyx, Enaid went from an unknown columnist to the most recognized journalist among the nerd population.
He has also done many interviews with her as Alyx continues to be the centre of attention everywhere he

As much in the spotlight as Alyx is, he couldn’t care less if he is the centre of attention or not. This is
something every nerd notices and loves him for it. Many suspect Enaid has a secret crush on Alyx, which
is why she’s trying to interview him so often. She was supposed to be the date he was meeting on the day
of the Great Cloud Disaster and it’s a date that never saw a raincheck.

Since the day of the Great Cloud Disaster, Alyx has become more focused on helping nerds than doing
anything more with his personal life.

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