Guarantees, warranties - What is it all about?


The products offered in the online shop are covered by the guarantee (called basic guarantee). You are eligible to request the guarantee refund for the following reasons:

  • Your item was damaged, defective, or materially different from what you ordered
  • Your item hasn’t arrived, but tracking says it was delivered

The guarantee is given for the period of 2 years. It’s a protection against faulty goods, or goods that don’t look or work as advertised.

Besides the above, some of the products will include an additional commercial guarantee, warranty (called extended guarantee) – include the screenshot from the website. The warranty is facultative and may be given by the manufacturer or producer.

How to proceed with the warranty?

If the product is eligible for a guarantee, you can submit your request by filling the form. Once the request has been reviewed you will receive further instructions.

When and how will I receive the refund?

Once the request for the basic guarantee has been approved, the refund will be executed within 5 business days (on our end). The dates may vary as the transaction is executed by the processing bank.


You will receive the money at the same payment method you used to make the purchase. As given above, the refund comprises the nominal value of the product(s), and the shipping costs, unless the free shipping was available but not chosen.


If the product has an additional commercial guarantee (warranty), you will receive further information from the producer or manufacturer.

Additional questions

If you haven’t found the answer, we encourage you to raise the question to the Nerdosian Community. You can do it by creating a thread in the category Raised by Nerdosians Community. If you prefer to contact us directly, we advise you to open a ticket on Discord.

More Information

More information about guarantees and warranties can be found in Terms and Conditions of sale.