Nerd Clothing Box

What is Nerd Clothing

Nerd Clothing is a package with apparel created by Nerdosians. Nerd Clothing distinguishes 6 boxes with a different set of items. Nerdosia apparel box can be purchased as a one-off box (delivered immediately). The box includes only tangible (material) goods.

Edition of the Nerd Clothing

Nerd Clothing doesn’t offer the box editions. Nerd Clothing comprises of different boxes. The price of the box is interconnected with the value of the product. Don’t worry, Nerdosians prepared the boxes with affordable prices, each adjusted for every Nerdosian!

How to manage the Nerd Clothing Box

Nerdosia apparel is a one-off box and doesn’t offer the possibility to skip or pause the topic. You can’t purchase the product as the subscription box.

For every purchase on Nerdosia you are eligible to receive Nerdians. We prepared a functionality allowing you to spend Nerdians and receive the extra product. You can do that by taking advantage of the following functionalities;

  • Nerds’ trade– functionality allowing you to trade Nerdians for a small, medium, or big item. This product will be added to your package.

  • Nerds’ wheel– functionality allowing you to change Nerdians and take part in the lottery to receive a small, medium, or big item. This product will be added to your package.

More information about returns

If you want to check if your Nerd Box qualifies for a return, please go to returns.

More information about guarantees?

Here you check if your Nerd Box qualifies for guarantee or warranty.


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