Nerd Marketplace

What is Nerd Marketplace

Nerd Marketplace is a typical sale model based on the structure allowing to add the stand-alone product to the cart. The product portfolio is wide and interconnected with the profile of a gamer, geek, or nerd. Inside the Nerd Marketplace, you can find the products such as board games, apparel, comics, figurines, collectables, STEM, model kits, gaming accessories, paint by numbers, posters, backpacks, phone accessories, and more. The product portfolio will be expanded to the need of the Nerd Community.

Moreover, the products inside the Nerd Marketplace are interconnected with the personal traits of characters.

On the Nerd Marketplace, you will be able to pick a Nerdosian and check the products which are correlated with its personal traits. You then place it inside the Nerdosia ecosystem.

Marita as the personal advisor

If you want to trust Nerdosians, and search the products accordingly to your needs, we recommend speaking with Marita.

How to add the extra product to your purchase

For every purchase on Nerdosia you are eligible to receive Nerdians. We prepared a functionality allowing you to spend Nerdians and receive the extra product. You can do that by taking advantage of the following functionalities;

  • Nerds’ trade– functionality allowing you to trade Nerdians for a small, medium, or big item. This product will be added to your package.

  • Nerds’ wheel– functionality allowing you to change Nerdians and take part in the lottery to receive a small, medium, or big item. This product will be added to your package.

More information about returns

If you want to check if your Nerd Box qualifies for a return, please go to returns.

More information about guarantees?

Here you check if your Nerd Box qualifies for guarantee or warranty.


An invoice will be delivered to your email address. Alternatively, you will be able to download the invoice from the Stripe’s customer portal.

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