Why we call it Nerd Box instead of Mystery Box

What is a Nerd Box

Nerd Box is a package designed, created, or selected by Nerdosians. It is often defined as a package with gaming, nerd, and pop culture-related merchandise. Nerd boxes are often customized on behalf of the customer. Nerd boxes, depending on the type, can be purchased as one-off boxes (delivered immediately), pre-payments or subscriptions (delivered upon specified shipping cycles, for instance, on a monthly or quarterly basis).

Even though the product can be perceived as the target for the niche of customers (gamers, geeks, and nerds), we decided to change the product attributes to address the product to a broader segment of customers.

The product attributes have been revitalized while the product by itself was streamlined and adjusted to market standards. The boxes have been created based on the common attributes of a target customer. This is where community members had been looking for a custom-made solution where the product could meet the common attributes of the group.

Different approach to the product, on an example of Physical/Virtual Nerd Box

Variety of choice: Physical Nerd box is connected with the other product called Virtual Nerd Box. Virtual Nerd Box’s content is inspired by Nerdopolis.

Two different positioning on the market: Both types of boxes distinguish regular and deluxe (premium) editions of the box.
Flexibility of the product: The price of the Nerd boxes mentioned above is unified for all topics. The customer is not tied to a particular topic, and the customer can change the type of the Nerd box during or in each subsequent month.

Manage anytime: Moreover, the customer can manage the product by skipping or pausing the Nerd monthly topic if the topic(s) doesn’t meet the customer’s interests.

Personalized products: The customer has more flexibility. For instance, the customer has the ability to specify the gender (to pick the proper products inside the box), as well as have to control over the items in the box (for example, if the apparel should be a part of the Nerd box).

Possibility to change plans: Physical and Virtual Nerd box allows a customer to change the plan. For instance, the customer can change the edition (regular to deluxe) or choose a duo plan which includes the product from the Physical and Virtual Nerd box.

Type of Nerd Boxes

In the current product portfolio, we distinguish the following Nerd boxes;